More than two billion people lack access to clean water.

Climate change, conflict, and poor infrastructure affect communities’ right to water.

Yet, there is a significant opportunity for improvement in the water charity sector.


WELL BEYOND was born of necessity and inspired by insight in response to the significant inefficiency of the water charity sector. We provide technical and community expertise that many NGOs lack. Without interrupting client operations or donor messaging, Well Beyond offers services ranging from brief consultations to entire project oversight.

We are a woman-owned small business that grew from the successful international clean water nonprofit, Well Aware, and a passion for addressing water issues in the developing world.


Our unique model utilizes the knowledge and experience from Well Aware’s 100% success rate and redirects wasted resources to more effective projects resulting in a greater impact to those in need. With more than $2M across over 50 water projects since 2008, we are tackling global water scarcity community by community.


With Well Beyond, investment dollars go far. We focus on the drivers of the solution – the community and technical expertise. We know a ‘template’ approach is not sustainable. Each project is uniquely designed for the specific needs of the community and region. And, the impact is multiplied. Because of our tailored solutions, all of our projects still function and result in propelled development. Effects include increased school attendance, reduced infant mortality, diversified income sources, improved gender equality, and so much more. 

A social good company re-imagining the water industry. We work with organizations to plan, evaluate, maintain, and enhance water system and water infrastructure projects.

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