60% of water wells in Africa fail.

The #1 reason for failure is lack of technical expertise.

Most international development NGO’s have no technical staff.

The WellBeyond App supplements this lack of technical knowledge.

We often receive requests to fix and rehabilitate existing water systems. We have learned that we can reduce problems if we help community operators regularly maintain their water project and fix systems on site. That's where the app comes in. ​​


Easy to deploy and use, the WellBeyond App works offline and also enables remote chat support with our experts. The app saves communities time, money, and extends the life of the water system, all while providing valuable data to clients.


Fewer than 1% of international development

organizations conduct regular M&E.

Lack of project measurement and evaluation contributes to the low rates of system success. And, the industry has been slow to evolve in response to failure and success.


We're changing that...

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