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Built in Austin: How Venture-Backed Startups Enter the World of NGO's

Built in Austin, November 5, 2019

For companies like Well Beyond to succeed, they must carefully balance profitability with delivering on their promise to do good. While Evans would be the first to admit her company is still learning, she shared a few tips she’s picked up in the process of launching Well Beyond:

  • Identify opportunities for impact where nonprofits are struggling to deliver.

  • If you are building tech for users in another country make sure you understand those users and their contexts. Their culture, values, interests and ideas may be different from your own, which could mean your tech isn't adopted.

  • Identify and align yourself with investors who trust you and your vision.

  • Pick your launch partners carefully, as you'll be working with them closely. Make sure their interests and approaches align with your own.

  • Honor the communities you're trying to help, and make sure you are giving them something they really need.


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