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Dell Technologies: Women Entrepreneurs Embrace Failure to Create Lasting Change

Transformative Leadership - Dell Technologies, October 26, 2021

Evans and Bergmann share their lessons learned with other female founders in the field, including through participation in the Dell Women’s Entrepreneurs’ Network (DWEN).

“It has been a great resource to hear other perspectives and to see what’s happening in the field,” says Evans. “It makes me feel braver knowing that there are other women who are forging paths that are specifically in male-dominated industries.”

DWEN was also a helpful resource when the pandemic hit by enabling members to share resources and provide support. “Knowing that you’re not in this alone is very helpful,” says Bergmann, who left a high-level corporate position to work on Well Beyond. “Continue to follow your dreams and just know that you’re not limited by other people’s perceptions and what they say you can and can’t do.”


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