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Mobile Diagnostic App

Reduce issues and extend the life of water systems by empowering community operators to fix systems on site. Easy to deploy and use, the WellBeyond App places more ownership and knowledge of the water system into the hands of the community. The app saves communities resources and decreases time without water, and the account reporting provides valuable data to clients.


Project Review and Recommendations

We provide at least one expert to conduct a field evaluation where the project is needed and provide feedback to the NGO project lead. Field evaluation includes investigation of current and potential water source viability. These findings on the ground at the location are then assessed by the Well Beyond project team, and recommendations are imparted to the NGO.


Virtual Oversight of Project Planning  

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Our team reviews project documents, bids, reports, plans, provider profiles, and community-specific obstacles, as well as project-specific NGO needs as requested. After comprehensive analyses, we make recommendations for optimal and cost-effective project results.


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Hydrogeological surveys (existing and procured during contract)

  • Borehole reports (existing and procured during contract)

  • Quotes for services from surveyors, suppliers, contractors, local skilled and unskilled labor, permits, etc

  • Pump test proposals and pump test results

  • Plans proposed by local contractors


Remote Project Management  

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Well Beyond oversee all water system planning. We manage vendor and contractor selection, project timeline, accountability, and remote supervision of execution.

Water system planning includes:

  • Equipment selection

  • Water system and distribution rendering and detail

  • Water production forecasting and recommendations for usage

  • Agricultural recommendations

  • Latrine and other sanitation recommendations

  • Water treatment planning and selection


Complete Project Oversight

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We are on the ground for key implementation, system completion, community training support, and follow-up needs.

Financial Planning and Budgeting

These are essential aspects of any water system project. The Well Beyond team can support the two processes throughout the entirety of the project, or as a separate service.