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Austin Woman: Sarah Evans is going Well Beyond to lead the way in the worldwide clean-water movement

Austin Woman, November 1, 2018

The newest initiative launched by Well Beyond is its diagnostic app. It was inspired by Evans’ work in the field in East Africa, where she visited a location that had an overflowing water tank.

“They were losing most of their water supply to the ground and were unable to diagnose the problem,” she recalls. “Of course, our technical team was there, and I watched as they walked the local water committee through checking the float-switch connection and reconnecting it, and all was resolved in about 15 minutes. I thought, ‘These communities need a diagnostic tool for such straightforward water-system issues that arise. This would save them so much time without water, and save them money in hiring technicians to drive to these remote locations to fix something that doesn’t really need high-level expertise.’”


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