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We empower you and the local water committee to keep the water flowing. 

How it works

Local water committees submit monthly status reports and can be directly paid for doing so

When projects break down, water committees use the app to diagnose and fix issues

If the project requires additional maintenance, the committee uses the app to notify the NGO

The NGO tracks all user activity and data within a streamlined dashboard

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We're here to help you and the communities you serve grow

We know how important impact reporting is for both you and your donors. That's why we built a platform that directly connects you to the situation in the field. 

Impact Reporting

Our reporting dashboard gives you the status and impact of the water projects you've implemented and helps you communicate this key information to your constituents. By relaying the compelling results over time to your major donors, your funding opportunities expand.

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Maintenance & Diagnostics Overview

The maintenance and diagnostics submissions from community users are aggregated in the administrative dashboard for quick review and further action. See all user activity and project history in one place with filtering options for alternative data analysis. 

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